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Notice for Expert: - e-Signature and e-Services in Albania

Date published: 10.05.2018Category: Experts

The Government of Albania is determined to fundamentally change the way public services are provided in Albania through a variety of interventions under a citizen-centric approach, which combat corruption, foster a customer-care culture, enhance access, as well as increase efficiency in the Albanian public administration.

During the last 4 years, the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration of Albania, responsible for the implementation of the Reform in the Public Administration, has done the outmost to fulfil electronic agenda and the objectives. It has also acted as coordinator of central institutions in the areas of ICT and coordination design of policies in the fields of IT, e-communications, IT Infrastructure, geospatial information, e-postal services, audio-visual media, which resulted in the reform and modernization of public administration. Digitalization of many public services, as well as many more that are projected to be offered fully online by 2020 are considered as one of the main objectives of ICT sector.

Currently, National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (AKCESK), has approved all the legal framework for the trusted services, including electronic signature which is used in many electronic government systems (communication G2G, G2C & G2B), but it needs to be improved in accordance with the “paperless” initiative promoted by the Prime Minister of Albania.

For purpose of supporting the above stated processes ReSPA has identified need for external support from two individual experts (17070 - IT Expert for the assignment in Albania in domain of e-Signature and e-Services and 17070 - Legal Expert for the assignment in Albania in domain of e-Signature and e-Services). Please find attached the Procurement Notice containing detailed ToR for each position: Legal and IT. The required documentation should be submitted in electronic format by e-mail to the following address: 28 May 2018 before Midnight.


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