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Notice for Expert :Training Management Information System (TMIS) in National Academy of Public Administration (Serbia)

Date published: 29.05.2018Category: Experts

The task of National Academy for Public Administration (herewith: NAPA) in Serbia is to establish a system for capacity building and professional development of public administration at all levels of government. This is the first time that central training institution is established in Serbia. Although NAPA can build on previous achievements of the Government’s Office for Human Resources (SUK), it aims to position itself as a modern and efficient institution that works on building the foundations of a modern and efficient public administration.

On line platform of NAPA shall be interactive and enable application of e-services such as on-line registration of trainees at NAPA courses, automatic distribution of information, information on training curriculums, information on trainers/lecturers, as well as link to e-Learning courses of NAPA. Central registry database must be relational and easy to expand. All tables, relationship and keys must be documented. Backend must contain all necessary forms for management of all users (trainers/lecturers), courses, events and communication between NAPA and clients. This part should be implemented with custom modules and high level of security. Database/Central registry of NAPA is a database on programmes, trainings, trainees, trainers/lecturers/mentors and coaches, public bodies/beneficiaries, assessment reviews and training materials. Back-end must have reporting system that generates predefined reports by NAPA and custom reports. To enhance accessibility, platform should be developed in a user-friendly format, being available in Serbian (both Cyrillic and Latin script) whilst certain information/sub-pages should exist in English as well. Documentation must be machine readable and the customer must have permission to use and modify it, enabling the customer to improve the documentation or modify it to reflect the customer's specific rules and processes. In addition, platform of NAPA shall be designed enabling becoming interoperable in the future with the HRMIS (Human Resource Management and Information System) in Serbia.

For purpose of supporting the above stated processes (designing / setting of Training Management Information System (TMIS)), ReSPA has identified need for external support from two individual experts:

·        LOT 1: 17070 - Training Management Information System (TMIS) in NAPA - IT expert No 1 (several modules from Administrator creation to Module for content input)

·        LOT 2: 17070 - Training Management Information System (TMIS) in NAPA - IT expert No 2 (several modules from Module for creating tests to Module for creating offline training).

Please find attached the Procurement Notice containing detailed ToR for each position related to LOT 1 and LOT 2. The required documentation should be submitted in electronic format by e-mail to the following address: 08 June 2018 before Midnight.


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