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ToT in CyberHygiene

04 June - 06 June 2024 Podgorica, Montenegro Thematic Workshops

Considering the significant role of Cybersecurity in protecting all data from damage and theft as well as increased interest in public administrations in the Western Balkans to be better prepared for handling and managing cybersecurity risks at the operational level, ReSPA and Western Balkans Cyber Capacity Centre[1], co-organize the second edition of Training for Trainers (ToT) in Cyber Hygiene, to be held in Podgorica, Montenegro from on 4th-6th June, at the premises of Rectorate of University of Montenegro.

Training aims to educate the selected senior-level public officials on cyber hygiene and to train them on the skills needed for transferring the knowledge to the audience, so that they are fully capacitated to provide the training on Cyber Hygiene in their public administrations to their peers.

Comprehensive program is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and foster practical exercises, which in synergy will equip the participants to become adept trainers in Cyber Hygiene topic.

Schedule of the ToT:

Day 1: Educational skills modules focusing on Outcome-based Education, Teaching Preparation, and Teaching Methods and Techniques.

Day 2: Dive into Cyber Hygiene for Users with modules covering Objectives and Stakes of Information Security, Basics of ISO/IEC, and Cybersecurity Threat Awareness.

Day 3: Practical exercises to reinforce learning and develop hands-on skills in Incident Management Procedures and Actions to be Taken.

Educational Highlights are:

  • Gain insights into educational principles, communication techniques, and teaching methodologies.
  • Explore crucial topics in cyber hygiene such as security policies, threat awareness, preventive measures, and incident management procedures.
  • Engage in practical exercises which will simulate real-world scenarios and enhance problem-solving skills.

[1] Western Balkans Cyber Capacity Centre is the joint intiative of governemnts of France, Slovenia and Montenegro, based in Montenegro.

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