Indicative calendar of activities for 2024

The indicative Programme of Work (PoW) for 2024 supports the implementation of the revised ReSPA Strategy 2019–2024. It provides an overview of the activities to be organized by the ReSPA Secretariat that will be implemented in 2024. However, the PoW is indicative, and activities will also be identified/further prioritized within the thematic groups, especially under the overall guidance and recommendations of the ReSPA Governing Board.

The indicative Programme of Work determines what will be accomplished to enable the achievement of the strategic goal: effective response of the public administrations of ReSPA members to the needs of citizens and businesses. This goal will be achieved through strengthened regional cooperation in the area of PAR and EU Integration.

Additional activities will be implemented through the ReSPA mechanisms of direct support to its members, such as on-demand support mechanisms, e-gov pilots and mobility schemes. In addition, the “ReSPA Horizontal Facility” will enable the co-design of capacity-building programmes with Institutes of Public Administration from the EU, regional partners and other international actors. Online conversations on various topics related to reforming PA will also be organized throughout the year.

Regional Workshop “EU accession process at local level – how is local administration affected?”
Open data Regional Challenge and Summer School
RQMC: activities within BACID III
CAF Open Day in Serbia
Programme Committee meeting
Meeting of the Regional thematic sub group on Quality Management (Developing QM Regional Toolbox)
Regional Mobility Programme
Joint meeting of the Network of Policy Coordinators and Heads of RIA control units
Regional WS on the Translation of the acquis - in partnership with DG Translation, EC - combined with a study visit at DGT HQs
Inter-regional meeting of WB and EaP on knowledge transfer related to QM
Consultative Meeting on the development of the upcoming ReSPA Strategy 2025-2031
Meeting of the Regional thematic group on European Integration / b2b with the launching of the Training modules on Clusters of the negotiating chapters (Cluster 1: The fundamentals)
Study visit to the National Institution of Public Administration of Portugal
Interoperability Academy - Part 1
3rd Module of the Regional academy on evidence-based policymaking process
Meeting of Directors b2b with DISPA meeting
Meeting of General Secretaries/Deputy General Secretaries of the Governments (Western Balkans)
Celebrations for the Public Service Day
Meeting of the Regional Thematic Group on Policy Development and Coordination
Training on Clusters of the negotiating chapters (Cluster 2: Internal Market)
Workshop on HRMIS, LMS and TMS
Cyber Security and Data Protection sessions at Regional forum on Cyber Security
CAF peer to peer exchange visit WB/EU
NISPAcee Annual Conference
Workshop/Capacity building on common standards for the formulation of NPAA/NPEI
Workshop on competency frameworks
Interoperability Academy - Part 2
Meeting of the Regional Digital Transformation sub group with digital leaders
Cyber Security - Train the Trainers Course on Cyberhygiene
Academy for Young Leaders in Public Administration
Summer School on EU integration
Seasonal School on Digital Transformation
Joint conference with OECD/SIGMA
Capacity development for NIPACs and CFCUs for future use of structural and cohesion funds, linked to implementation of Ch. 22 / Merged with Study visit to DG REGIO
Meeting of the HRMPD thematic working group
OGP WB regional meeting
Official launch of ReSPA Knowledge Management Platform
Training on Clusters of the negotiating chapters (Cluster 3: Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth)
Seasonal school on HR
EU CAF National Correspondents Meeting
4th Module of the Regional academy on evidence-based policymaking process
Establish a platform for peer-learning and exchange between key accession stakeholders
Public Administration Award 2024
Interoperability Academy - Part 3
High-Level Ministerial Dialogue/Conference
Organization of the first WB PAR donor conference (b2b with the HLPD)
Annual RQMC Meeting

Horizontal activities

Thematic Area 1: Policy development and coordination

Thematic area 2: European integration and accession negotiations

Thematic area 3: Human resources management and professional development

Thematic area 4: Service Delivery (digitalization, and quality management)

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