e-Government (e-gov) pilot program

The ReSPA e-Government (e-Gov) pilot program aims to support public administrations in enhancing their digital services. It provides targeted technical assistance for piloting the specific e-service or/and its delivery.

Pilots will be used for phased introduction or upgrade of government/institutional digitized services or/and their delivery, allowing them to be tested, evaluated, and adjusted where necessary before being rolled out.

Upon the completion of the e-GOV pilots, the experiences and lessons learned related to the design of the new/upgrade service will be documented and evaluated by the applicant and summarised. This will inform the development of a standardized model which will be offered to public administrations as Guidelines for design principles, the optional tool for improving the design and delivery of digitized public services (e.g. principles for designing digitized public services).  

The primary objective of the e-Gov pilot program is to elevate the quality of digitized public services by prioritizing digital quality and incorporating it into the service development process from an early stage. The quality will be assured by functional testing of applied human-centred approach, envisaged seamless delivery, usability, and accessibility of new or upgraded digitized service.

Find out more about the e-Gov pilot Methodology, Framework for testing and Application form.

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