Regional Mobility Programme

Public administration cooperation exchanges are important reform levers towards upgrading the public administrations, boosting regional cooperation and EU integration. In the realm of public administration, the mobility of civil servants fosters a dynamic and responsive governance system. It enables the exchange of ideas, best practices, and expertise, enhancing administrative capabilities and innovative policy solutions.


Western Balkans’ intra-regional mobility of public servants plays a vital role in promoting regional cooperation and integration within the EU and further boosting regional cooperation initiatives.
Acknowledging the importance of boosting the mobility of public servants for the benefit of stronger regional cooperation, inspired by positive past initiatives 1 and with the financial support of the European Commission, ReSPA is putting forward a tailor-made regional mobility scheme in close partnership with the following regional organizations: Regional Cooperation Council; CEFTA Secretariat; Transport Community Treaty Secretariat; Regional Anti-corruption Initiative; Regional Youth Cooperation Office; Centre of Excellence in Finance; Western Balkans Fund; Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum.


Four pillars of the Programme:


Induction and preparatory day – (remotely) at which the selected participants will be convened online by ReSPA to present the Programme, objectives, and logistical arrangements and to discuss participants` expectations jointly;


Executive education in a renowned School/Institute established in an EU Member State (3 days);


Study visits and exchanges with selected EU institutions in Brussels (2 days);


Job shadowing2 in regional organizations in the Western Balkans (or broader) – (5 working days):

  • Regional School of Public Administration;
  • Regional Cooperation Council;
  • CEFTA Secretariat;
  • Transport Community Treaty Secretariat;
  • Regional Anti-corruption Initiative;
  • Regional Youth Cooperation Office;
  • Centre of Excellence in Finance;
  • Western Balkans Fund;
  • Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum.

Closing workshop (1 working day) – bringing together the Regional Mobility Programme participants to discuss its added value and the integration of the acquired knowledge to strengthen governance in the Western Balkans.


Eligibility criteria

You are eligible to participate in this Call for Applications if you are fulfilling the following eligibility criteria:

  • You are a permanently employed civil servant working in the ReSPA Members` Ministries in charge of coordination of EU Integration and regional cooperation, policy planning and strategies, public administration, as well as institutions in charge of sectoral policies;
  • You have 3 – 8 years of working experience in public service;
  • You are a junior or mid-level professional;
  • You have not benefited from similar mobility schemes in the last seven years;
  • You have a great command of English language (speaking and writing).



Suppose you are interested in participating in this Programme. In that case, you should apply to the ReSPA Liaison Officer appointed in each ReSPA Member via the emails indicated below (please use both emails indicated for each administration or level):

Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina


State level:;

Federation level:;

Republika Srpska:;

Montenegro North Macedonia



What your application should have?

For your application to be evaluated, it should contain ALL of the following elements:

  • Motivation letter in English language, explaining:
    • your motivation to participate in this Mobility Programme;
    • your expectations in terms of how the Mobility Programme would contribute to your and the work of your institution;
    • clear identification of the regional organization in which you would prefer to do job shadowing3;
    • your personal commitment to participate at all stages of the Mobility Programme;
  • Confirmation by your employer on the permanent employment status and the required number of years of working experience;
  • CV in the English language;
  • Written confirmation that your HR Department and your immediate manager agree with your participation in this scheme, including your absence from work for the purpose of: executive education, study visit and job shadowing segment (2 full weeks in total in different time periods: 1 week in March/April 2024 and 1 week in April/June). 

Any questions you may have during the application process, please send them to The ReSPA Secretariat will respond within five working days.


Deadline for submitting an application

You should submit your application no later than midnight on 15 December 2023.


Selection procedure

ReSPA Liaison Officers, in close cooperation with the Members of the ReSPA Governing Board, will conduct the selection procedure and inform ReSPA of selected candidates for each ReSPA Member (up to 5 participants per ReSPA Member).


What to expect after you are selected?

Suppose you are selected to be part of the Mobility Programme once candidates are selected in all ReSPA Members. In that case, the ReSPA staff will contact you to inform you about the precise timeline for implementing the Mobility Programme and the timeframe availability of the regional organization to which you will be assigned to do the job shadowing.


Time frame for the implementation of the Programme

Regional partners participating in this Mobility Programme are committed to providing opportunities for selected candidates within the timeframe indicated below. Please bear in mind that the job shadowing component could take place earlier or later than indicated, based on the availability of your peers in respective regional organizations and the number of selected candidates who expressed interest in the same organization, so that we can provide you with the best learning opportunities possible.

  • Submission of applications: 15 December 2023
  • Selection of candidates by: 22 December 2023
  • Induction and preparatory meeting with selected candidates: January 2024
  • Organization of executive education and Study visit to Brussels: March/April 2024
  • Job Shadowing: April / May / June 2024
  • Closing workshop: end of June 2024
  • Active participation at the Community of Practice group, composed of participants in the Mobility Programme: second half of 2024.


If you are looking forward to this opportunity – APPLY NOW!!
Peers working in regional organizations are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying the benefits of a mutual learning experience with you!!!

1 EU Scheme for young professionals in the Western Balkans
2 Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job training that allows an interested employee to follow and closely observe another employee performing the role.
3 However, the final decision on the host organization will be made at a later state by ReSPA and the respective regional organizations.

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