On-demand Support Mechanism

The on-demand support mechanism is an instrument through which ReSPA provides expert support to its members for addressing specific needs related to PAR and the reform agenda. It responds to the urgent limited needs and targets the specific demand-driven topics defined by ReSPA members.

Besides regionally organised activities, ReSPA will target the specific demand-driven topics and needs defined by its Members. On their path towards reforming public administration, particular administrations face different significant challenges, and ReSPA will support activities for overcoming them.

In brief, the application process and delivery of the assistance, are described below:


Institutions from ReSPA Members (“the applicants”) identify a need that can be addressed through the “on-demand support mechanism”


Institutions from ReSPA Members draft the application in the respective application form


The Applicant consults the draft application with the respective EU Delegation. In case of comments, the applicant revises the application. This is recommended but not an obligatory step


The final draft is sent to the respective Liaison Officer and GB Member for approval. After GB Member’s approval, the application is sent to the respective Liaison Officer (LO) for further submission to ReSPA


LO submits the Application to the ReSPA Secretariat (g.xhaxhiu@respaweb.eu).


ReSPA Secretariat reviews the Application, makes first comments andrecommendations (if any) that shall be addressed by the applicant. After theapplicant addresses ReSPA comments and recommendations (within 7 working days), the revised application is sent by ReSPA to EC for comments, suggestions or approval. In case EC provides comments, ReSPA Secretariat sends the comments back to the applicant to address them, within 7 working days. When addressing the comments of ReSPA and EC, the applicants do not need a new approval by the GB member .


Approval of the application. Start of the procurement process for delivering the assistance required.


Delivery of the assistance required.


Finalization and submission to ReSPA of two written Reports on the delivered assistance:
Report from the Expert engaged to provide assistance;
Report from the beneficiary institution with the description of the overall outcomes of the activity and satisfaction with the work of engaged expert.

For further information or questions, please contact respa-info@respaweb.eu.

More info about On-demand Support Mechanism and the application process can be found in the Methodology.

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