What We Do

ReSPA is a regional hub that helps Western Balkan governments navigate the complex journey of public administration reform.
Our mission is to make complex public administration simple, transparent, effective and people-oriented enabling citizens to enjoy the benefits of the public administration reforms.
We provide a strategic framework of public administration reform through fostering regional cooperation and developing tailor-made solutions to all related institutions to accelerate reforms in the WB public administrations.

Our strength is vast expertise in the public administration field and established collaboration with more than 100 prominent experts from the region and the globe. Jointly, we effectively respond to the growing needs of the WB governments, citizens and businesses.

Our goal is to empower public servants of the Western Balkan governments by providing them with critical insights, knowledge, tools and connections needed to establish efficient services to the benefit of citizens and business. To do that, we work together on problem detection and finding the best solution for improvements. In that capacity, we organise and moderate various capacity building events and conduct regional comparative research with included regional and country-specific PAR policy recommendations.

In constant exchange with WB governments and academic society, we deliver effective and sustainable solutions to adopt and put into practice the measures, systems and approaches necessary for an enhanced reform process in all the areas envisaged by the Public Administration Reform.

Our activities are coordinated by the Program Committee, which provides strategic guidance of all our working groups:

Mr Dragan ĐurićReSPA Programme Mannager - Coordinator
Public Administration Reforms are a never-ending story. Improving public administration is not simply a goal in itself, it implies modernisation of the whole societies, economies and political life of WB countries. PAR is also a key challenge within the EU, not only in the Western Balkans.
Deep reforms change public administration. Consequently, ReSPA is also changing to promptly respond to the growing needs of the governments, citizens and businesses. To promote an innovative approach and offer some novelties for our members, we continuously propel many activities, generating added value, focusing on cooperation both with the governments and other relevant partner institutions. Also, we continually reevaluate our programs and activities to better tailor our operations and cooperation modalities to the needs of the region.
The key to success has been constant, open and fruitful dialogue with the WB governments, institutions and public administrations that recognised ReSPA as a valuable partner in their reform endeavours.
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