The activities of ReSPA are
funded by the European Union

Governing Board

The Governing Board (GB) is the highest decision-making body of ReSPA. 

The responsibilities of the GB include the provision of general policy guidelines for ReSPA and the adoption of ReSPA’s annual business plan, including its Programme of Work and budget. It is composed of representatives of each member of ReSPA, who come from ministries or equivalent authorities responsible for public administration, human resources development or European integration.

In addition the European Commission may send a representative to attend GB meetings, and the Director of ReSPA may decide (as well as be requested by the GB) to attend meetings. Representatives from other states and organisations as well as individual experts may also be invited to attend GB meetings.

The GB normally works by consensus. In the event that consensus cannot be reached a decision may be taken by voting, in which case each ReSPA member has one vote, although the decision may only be deemed to be adopted if all ReSPA members are prepared to accept it. Only ReSPA members have the right to vote.

The GB meets at least five times per year.  The GB should meet at Ministerial level at least once a year and at the level of Senior Officials at least four times per year. These Senior Officials are also the members’ permanent representatives to the GB.

The Governing Board members