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To apply for the Public Administration Award (PAA) in the Western Balkans, you have to submit your application in the PPA contest platform.

This manual will provide you with a complete guide to submit your application.

Please note: If your initiative has been nominated for the PPA, you do not need to register separately. In this case, please continue reading the manual from “Step 7”.

As example of the application process, the country “Croatia” and the initiative “PPA” will be used.

If you have further questions or you experience problems submitting your application, please get in touch with ReSPA and SIGMA Team.




Go to:, and click “I want to register”.

Please fill in your email and select a password.

Then click on the button “Submit and Continue”. You will receive a confirmation mail.


Sign in

Please return to the page: sign in with your “email” and chosen “password”.


Complete your Profile with your Personal Data


Click on the button “Register new project for this competition”


Project Data (1/2)

PLEASE NOTE the title you choose on this step CANNOT be modified later the next steps.


Project Data (2/2)

On this 2/2 step of the project data, you are asked to provide more detailed information on the contact person and the team members.


Project Information

Please complete all the fields with all relevant details of your initiaitve. Please be precise and on the point. Focus on how your initiative is unique, which exact problem it adresses at and how it makes its impact. It is very useful for the PAA Jury to have this information from your side as accurate and precise as possible.

Avoid just copy-pasting texts that are not really relevant.

Fields to complete

  1. Short description of the initiative (in the manner of a ‘pitch’)
    Please provide a description of the initiative you are submitting. What was the process followed, what were the main steps, the different actions undertaken, the timeline planned and achievements realised?
  2. What was the origin of the initiative? Which concrete challenge(s) does your initiative solve?
    What was the background and context of the initiative? Please describe which concrete challenge(s) you are aiming to solve during the crisis in your community/country with your initiative. Share more about the status quo, the challenges, the local circumstances and how you identified the challenge(s).
  3. What is the target group of your initiative?
    Who did you want to reach/support with your initiative? Specific target groups, all citizens? Have you identified their specific needs and concerns? How do you communicate about the solution provided / service offered to those concerned? Please describe.
  4. Describe how the initiative helped to improve the adaptability of your organisation or systems to deal with major crises similar to COVID-19.
    Describe how your organisation adapted to the crisis in terms of management style, teamwork and the procedures introduced.
  5. How forward looking was your reaction and approach regarding the challenge(s) faced?
    Describe how the initiative has introduced new ways of working, innovative ways of thinking or use of modern technologies in addressing the problems faced.
  6. How inclusive is your initiative?
    Describe how you (or the initiative) help to bring together different affected stakeholders and capture diverse views.
  7. How effective has your initiative been?
    Present evidence to demonstrate how efficient (if applicable, the economic impact for the institution in solving the problems identified) and effective ( impact achieved, in terms of numbers of people reached in relation to your target group, evidence that the initiative worked, etc.
  8. Is your initiative transferable and replicable for other organisations, situations?
    Could your initiative be transferred to other organisations in your country or elsewhere or could its lessons be used for other situations? Have you documented process, lessons, measures to share them with others?
  9. What were the barriers and difficulties you had to overcome?
    Describe the main challenges or barriers and how you overcame them.
  10. What lessons have you learned?
    Tell us more about the lessons learned, what you would do differently next time. What are your recommendations to others?
  11. What makes your initiative truly special and unique?
    Let us know what the distinct features of your initiative are that mark it as special and unique. Why has it been more successful than others?

You can complete the product information uploading files (screenshots, presentations, documents, etc.) to visualize the unique value of your initiative.

PLEASE NOTE the PAA Jury will evaluate your initiative online and needs to get an idea how your initiative works and looks. Please make sure to demonstrate the uniqueness of your initiative!


Check your application

Double check your application and that you have completed all the fields with the correct data.

PLEASE NOTE you can save and continue later, and then complete or edit your application as many times as you want.


Agree to Terms & Conditions and submit your application

Before submitting your application, you have to confirm that you understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions of PAA 2020.

Log In nominated


  • 1 – 24 July 2020: PA Awards Open Call for Applications
  • 1 – 24 July 2020: Open Call for Engagement of Assessors
  • 24 – 31 July: Administrative Check by Secretariat (ReSPA)
  • 1 - 21 September 2020: PA Awards Evaluation Process – Assessors
  • 21 September - 16 October 2020: Jury Engagement and Finalization of the Process
  • November 2020: PA Award Ceremony


If you have any questions related to the rules, contest, etc, please contact:

If you have any difficulties with the awards database, please contact



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