The activities of ReSPA are
funded by the European Union

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RESPA mission and vision

In accordance with its mandate defined by the Agreement Establishing the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA Agreement), ReSPA will keep pursuing its vision and mission.

The vision: ReSPA is an inter-governmental innovative regional hub for policy research, knowledge sharing, regional cooperation and networking in the field of public administration.

ReSPA’s mission is to improve regional cooperation, promote shared learning and support the development of public administrations within the Western Balkans and, through this, support integration into the EU.

General description of ResPA Quality Management centre

Based upon the assessment of the current state of affairs on Quality Management in the Western Balkan countries presented in ReSPA studies in subject on the one hand and the role(s) and activities expected from ReSPA to play in this regard the following main building blocks of the ReSPA regional QM Centre are foreseen.

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