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Interoperability Academy 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 July - 02 July 2024 Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Thematic Workshops

ReSPA is hosting the Interoperability Academy 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 01st and 2nd of July, in Jahorina (hotel “Termag”) Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Recognising the substantiated need to address the specific issues related to interoperability in each public administration of ReSPA Members, Interoperability Academy 2024 Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second in the sequence of Academies to be organised in 2024 and 2025. The first Academy has been organized in Montenegro.

The Academy's Programme is aligned with the aim of each Academy to address the issues related to interoperability and exchange of data specific to each public administration.  

From 2021, the need to support the processes of enhancing interoperability in BiH has been recognised by the Council of Ministers of BiH which established two interoperability networks with specific mandates. Both networks include the representatives of the relevant institutions from all administrative levels of BiH:

1. Inter sectorial Working Group for Interoperability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, established in 2021, with sixteen permanent (and sixteen substitute members), with technical and administrative support from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of BIH, 

2. Coordination Group for the Interoperability of Council of Ministers of BiH, established in 2021, with twelve members from the level of institutions of BiH, with technical and administrative support from General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of BiH. 

In such context ReSPA aims to organize a two-day Interoperability Academy for the members of two interoperability networks with the programme that will blend sessions related to the state of play in interoperability in BiH, educational insights into the Law on Data Protection, use of standards and specification for technical interoperability, good practice in BiH, as well as recently adopted EU Interoperable Act.

The Academy will foster the in-person gathering of both networks and will host the sharing of views and perspectives within dialogue about priority topics from the sessions held during the first day of Academy (two overviews, good practice in BiH, The Law on Protection of Personal Data, standards and specifications for enabling data exchange). Such dialogue is expected to highlight the topics and proposals, which both groups may use for their work later on,  according to their plans and mandates.


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