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24 01.13.

Mzia Mikeladze PhD Thesis Award

The Mzia Mikeladze PhD Thesis Award aims to promote research by young scholars on public administration and public policy in the NISPAcee region and to acknowledge outstanding work and significant contribution in the field. The award was created in recognition of Mzia Mikeladze’s contributions to the discipline, profession, and the organization of NISPAce.

 2. Description of the award

The PhD Thesis Award is a recognition to be announced in the annual NISPAce conference. The award comprises of a certificate, presented to the winner at the annual NISPAcee conference, together with a waiver of NISPAcee conference fees for three years. The recipient of the award is also invited to present his/her PhD thesis at the annual conference. The recipient of the award also has the possibility to publish the overview of the dissertation in the NISPAcee journal.

3.Submission process: The award is announced to the NISPAcee members on the NISPAcee website. Nominations have to be submitted by 31 January of any given year. Nominations can be made by institution where the thesis has been defended. Each institution can submit one nomination. Nominations should be sent to the NISPAcee secretariat.

4. Award committee: The award committee will be appointed by the Steering Committee of NISPAcee for a three-year term. The committee comprises of a chair and two additional members.

5.Eligibility criteria for "PhD Thesis Award" nominations:

(a) The PhD thesis should have been defended within the last 12 months before the nomination deadline.

(b) Eligible for the award would be: i) monographs written in English; 2) cumulative theses written in English; 3) theses written in mother tongues with the condition that at least part of the thesis has been published in an international peer-reviewed journal.

6. Documents to be submitted with the nomination:

(a) An overview of the thesis in English. The overview should be 4000-5000 words and describe the work done (the research questions, theoretical basis, findings, implications).

(b) A letter of recommendation from the institution.

(c) The nominee’s CV.

(d) Indication of whether – and if it is so, when and in what form – the dissertation or parts thereof have already been published.

(e) A copy of the PhD diploma.

7.Criteria for selection:

(a) Contribution (theoretical, methodological, practice-related) to public administration and public police.

(b) Innovativeness of the work.

(c) Theoretical soundness and appropriate research strategy.

(d) Relevance of the conducted research for NISPAcee region (theoretical and/or practical).

8.Announcement of the award: The committee’s recommendation is announced to the steering committee of NISPAcee and the chair of the committee announces the decision to the candidate. The chair of the committee announces the award in the opening ceremony of the NISPAcee conference, the rationale of the selection and the laudation.

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