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30 09.13.

2 Training Workshops organized simultaneously in ReSPA (September 30-October 2, 2013)

2 Training Workshops organized simultaneously in ReSPA (September 30-October 2, 2013)


1.     Training Workshop on Anti-Corruption/Integrity Management in the Public Administration. During the workshop the civil servants and state employees will be trained on how to integrate anti-corruption measures in their daily work routine. Participants will learn how to use prevention instruments (e.g. how to conduct a risk analysis). Furthermore, the participants will be enabled to identify and apply anti-corruption measures taking into consideration their specific working environment in the public administration. At the end of the training participants will be able to develop further expertise in laying the foundation to fulfill functions related to integrity management.

2.     Workshop on “Building Effective Dialogue and Cooperation between Government and Civil Society Organizations in Policy-Making Process”.  One of the main goals of the training is to raise awareness on the importance of the systematic dialogue between public administration and civil society organizations (CSOs). Strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between the Public Administration and Civil Society is crucial in regard to creating enabling environment for the development and sustainability of the CSOs. It is of utmost importance to create a permanent dialogue between the Public Administration and civil society organizations, which is based on transparent and structured communication and regular exchange of experiences, information and opinions. The tree day training has been formulated and will be realized in cooperation between ReSPA and the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.