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04 11.13.

ReSPA makes its presentation at the EUPAN Public (EU Administration Network)

The EUPAN HRG/IPSG (Human Resource Group) took place from 28-29 November in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event gathered heads of civil service agencies, public administration reform institutions in the EU, the European Commission, EU Candidate Countries and observers.

The two day event was a very well organized event and it contained many interesting presentations and reports presented to the audience by the participants. The first day was mainly characterized by events at the plenary level and during the second part of the day working groups took centre stage. This set-up continued also during the second day.

This was the first time that ReSPA participated at this event. ReSPA made a presentation at the plenary session about the work of the organization in general focusing on core activities. A special attention was given  to  the work of ReSPA on the Human Resource Management highlighting the efforts made by the Networking group of the same name. The presentation was well-received by the audience.