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26 11.13.

Ministers and other high authorities of the Western Balkans discussed ReSPA development at the 4th ReSPA Governing Board Ministerial Level Meeting in Split, on 22 November 2013

ReSPA 4th Governing Board Meeting at the Ministerial Level that took place in Split. Croatia on the 22 of November 2013, highlighted the major developments of ReSPA, the challenges of the PAR in the Western Balkans as well as laid down the foundation for the future development of the reform in the region with ReSPA playing a major role.


The event was officially opened by Mr. Arsen Bauk, Minister of Public Administration of Croatia who informed the audience about the event, its importance as well as the role and importance that ReSPA plays and should play in the Western Balkans on Public Administration Reform and EU Integration process of all the countries of the region.

After the Minister Bauk, the European Commission Representative Mr. Morten Jung, Head of Unit, Regional Cooperation and Programmes, DG Enlargement took the floor.  During his speech he spoke about the great progress this region has made towards the process of accession and its competitiveness. He said that the countries progress towards the membership depends upon fulfillment by each country of the established requirements. Good neighborhood and regional cooperation remain essential in this regard. Mr. Jung fully emphasized the support of the EU Commission towards ReSPA as the institution that plays a major role towards such essentials. He also identified ReSPA success stories such as the networking as a great example of collaboration and regional efforts focusing on the Regional Comparative Study on Income Asset and Declaration as a great success story with findings and recommendations for all the countries of the region. Speaking about the future of ReSPA he pointed out the ReSPA should continue to organize high level seminars with the aim of reaching the decision makers and policy makers. He also indicated the need for ReSPA to collaborate further with national institutions going beyond the governing board institutional structures.

After Mr. Young, Mr. Suad Music, ReSPA Director after thanking Minister Bauk for hosting the event provided the update of ReSPA programme activities and development for the 2013 based on the programme endorsed at the Ministerial meeting in Sarajevo in 2012.

Governing Board, by unanimous votes of the present Members approved application of Kosovo* to accede to the International Agreement on establishing Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA). All decisions taken at the Governing Board meeting held on 22 November, 2013 will become effective, after the last written declaration of the Ministerial level of those ReSPA Members whose representatives were not authorised by their respective governments, will be submitted to ReSPA Secretariat (The Resolution N°GB-ML R/01-2013, the Resolution N°GB-ML R/02-2013, the Resolution N°GB-ML R/03-2013 and the Resolution N°GB-ML R/04-2013).


A high level political dialogue on Public Governance and the challenges in the Western Balkan Region on issue related to integration and national programmes and the role of ReSPA took place at the end.


* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and ICJ Advisory opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.