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Notice for Experts : Additional Senior eGovernment Expert, In country support in Montenegro

Date published: 12.01.2020Category: Experts

 The Ministry of Public Administration within the Government of Montenegro coordinates the process of development of the information society and in cooperation with other ministries is responsible for creating an environment that will facilitate other institutions to implement digitalization projects in order to transform public administration into an open, transparent, accessible to citizens and the economy. Although Montenegro is successful in this area, there are significant challenges and obstacles to this process, especially in terms of infrastructure improvements, development of new electronic services, coordination processes within public administration, as well as mechanisms for involving all stakeholders who can contribute to the digital transformation process in Montenegro. Senior eGovernment Expert being requested will support Ministry of Public Administration and the Government of Montenegro to put in place an effective provision of e-services and transformation of business processes in public administration in Montenegro regarding digitalization and e-government process.

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