The activities of ReSPA are
funded by the European Union

Social Activity Programme of ReSPA

Dear Participant,

During your stay in ReSPA you will have the opportunity to get to know the institution from inside out, get accustomed with the city of Danilovgrad, Podgorica and even get to know more about Montenegro in general.  A full, exciting and widely varied social activity programme with a full range of on- and off-campus activities will give you a chance to get to know your fellow participants, communicate and exchange ideas and opinions with them and establish friendships.

ReSPA training courses and other activities offer not only interesting and professional classroom programmes, but they also provide an opportunity for the participants to get to know the city and the Montenegrin way of life, and of course to have fun meeting new friends! When taking part in the arranged social activities you will experience the city of Podgorica and other areas of interest presenting their cultural and historical heritage, culinary diversity and tradition at its best. Enjoy the unique mix of metropolitan life style and wild nature.

Some of the Social Activities that may take place in ReSPA are:

  • Podgorica city tour
    Get to know the city by bus. An experienced guide with show you some of Podgorica’s hot spots and tell you all about the city.
  • Movie Night
    Watch one of the famous films related to the training with us in one the White Room. Note. This movies are not screened for profit purposes, but only as part of the internal collection at ReSPA, thus without infringing any copyrights.
  • Barbecue night (In the summer)
    You will have the opportunity to barbecue at the ReSPA garden. It will provide the great feeling of enjoying the nature and the great food that comes with it.
  • Visiting historical sites and museums
    We would like to invite you to experience some of the finest museums and historical sites in the country. Professional historians will provide specialized information and answer your enquiries
  • Lake Excursion
    Having a lot of water and nature around Podgorica offers the opportunity to go for a lake excursion! A two hour excursion will take you around and let you experience the calmness and peace that nature has to offer.
  • A night at the Theatre
    We are offering the possibility for you to enjoy a night at the National Theatre of Montenegro. Well directed plays from Montenegrin actors, but also from visiting troupes from abroad will make your night memorable.