The activities of ReSPA are
funded by the European Union


ReSPA Vision

The vision of ReSPA is the realization of a modern, effective, innovative, accountable and professional public administration in the Western Balkans. Our corporate purpose is to increase cooperation in public administration, in human resource management in Western Balkans, to strengthen their institutions and support capacity development for change and improvements in PA, amongst others also through facilitated exchange of experience with EU. By sharing this comprehension as universally as we can, helping officials at the level of central administrations to understand and utilize the knowledge into their work, we will provide excellent services to our stakeholders.

 Vision as a Service Provider

  • Regional Centre of Cooperation and Regional Hub - Platform for PAR and EU integration, facilitating exchange and cooperation both at political and expert level
  • Training Centre for PA offering standard and custom made and quality assured capacity building programs in thematic areas of common regional relevance, designed and delivered to multipliers in the region
  • Resource and intelligence sharing centre (e-library + real).

Vision in Reputation

  • High reputed Training and capacity development organization and leading Institution for change in Public administration in the region
  • Recognized regional ownership and independency of ReSPA

Organizational and Financial Vision

  • International and regional experts
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Secondments, internships or similar schemes
  • Security of Income