Open Data Regional Workshop

08 June 2023 Tirana,Albania Thematic Workshops

ReSPA is pleased to announce the organisation of Open Data Regional Workshop on 08th June 2023 in Tirana, Albania in the premises of Hotel Tirana International.

In the Programme envisaged for 2023-2025 ReSPA will focus on benefits of data driven administrations and more specifically to importance of using data and open data for knowledge-based economy and Open Government Partnership initiative. The focus will be on addressing common issues at policy and operation levels while providing the support for ensuring the commitment from the policy level. Cross border potentials and possible impact of exchanging open data between national open data providers will be especially addressed through specific Open data challenges.


The aim of the Workshop is twofold:

1. To continue addressing the issues of improving the open data portals for creating the conditions for bigger publishing and usage of Open data within ReSPA member public administrations and for enabling the cross-border flow of Open data.

2.To promote the regional exchange of Oen data by initiating Open Data Regional Challenge

Targeted audience

Up to 15 public officials from ReSPA Members.

From each ReSPA member public administration up to three public officials who are:

  • two senior or/and mid-level public officials working specifically on Open data out of whom one is the public official who is administering Open data portal,
  • one representative of the institutions which is the most important supplier of open data at national level in each public administration, as indicated by open data senior level officials. These officials can belong to offices of statistics, ministries of finance, ministries of environments etc.  

Note: If the public administration officials can not define such an institution then the third senior or/and mid-level public officials working on Open data can be nominated to attend the Workshop.

The basis upon which the workshop will be structured entails:

  • Open Data Maturity Report 2022[1] (Chapter 3.1)
  •  Review of open data portals (part of The Methodology Of OD Publishing ReSPA) 

The format of the Workshop

The workshop will be composed of two main sections:

1. Improving Open data national portals - bench marking and bench learning dialogue with referring to each identified issue or deficiency at national Open data portals to the practices in EU.

The aim of this session is to discuss and showcase modalities of improving OD portals (“quick wins and long term actions) based on the EU experience given the specific constraints of each public administration which will be taken into account. 

The session intends to address the deficiencies identified at each of the Open data portals in ReSPA Members based on the methodology used in the Open Data Maturity assessment that included four main parameters:

          portal features

          portal usage

          data provision

          portal sustainability

2. Introduction of Open Data Regional Challenge (OD Challenge)– introduction (methodology, topics, participants, awards etc.).

The session will start with the review of OD national portals in ReSPA Members, with identified high value data sets that could be used for the OD Challenge.

The methodology of OD Challenge will be presented by UNDP office Serbia.

A detailed Agenda and Practical information sheet will be sent to the participants upon confirmation/registration, tailored for the activity in question.

The working language of the meeting will be English. No interpretation will be provided, therefore fluency in English is mandatory.


Please register at the following link:



Thank you in advance for filling out the registration form by 26th May 2023, CoB.


ReSPA will cover international travel for the participants. In case of flight cancellation by participants, the costs of flight tickets will be covered by the participants’ respective institutions. All participants will be paid per diems to cover their accommodation, meals, and local transportation costs in their residence and place of mission. Participants can book and pay for their accommodation in Tirana based on their preferences.  A detailed Practical information sheet, tailored for the event in question, will be sent to the participants upon registration, and ReSPA revisiting the composition of participants.



[1] https://data.europa.eu/sites/default/files/landscaping_insight_report_n8_2022.pdf



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