The activities of ReSPA are
funded by the European Union


14 03.16.

Dayton Article IV Orientation Course begins at ReSPA in Danilovgrad, Montenegro

 From 14-18 March 2016 ReSPA hosted RACVIAC course delivered to designated individuals to perform duties as inspectors and escorts with regard to Dayton Peace Accords, Annex I-B, Article IV – Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control.

 Considering the similarity of ReSPA and RACVIAC as international organizations, during the opening of the event representatives of both parties have expressed their intentions towards deepening of mutual cooperation, trough development and delivery of joint events and partnership programs in the future. These programs will enable both military and civilian personnel to share identified good practices with civil servants regarding soft skills development and HRM. Furthermore, the similar institutional setup of ReSPA and RACVIAC, will further strengthen the institutional capacities and will contribute to the regional cooperation, prosperity and security in the region. “