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03 06.16.

e-Governance Conference 2016,Tallinn,Estonia

The members of the Working group on e-Government participated in the Tallin eGovernance 2016 Conference, which was organised from 30-31 May 2016.

The conference addressed some important eGovernment issues, e.g. impact of the e-governance on development and economic growth. At the same time the participants communicated the progress of eGovernment development in their respective countries, and discussed specific topics covered by the conference (Cyber Security Workshop). They also used this opportunity to peer with the colleagues from other countries, to exchange their experience and create future partnerships in eGovernment development.

ReSPA’s work was presented at the conference and the audience was invited to exchange experience, good practices and ideas for potential cooperation with ReSPA.  The conference was used for presenting of ReSPA study “From e-to Open Government”. ReSPA also informed the audience about the first study produced on the ICT corruption, the first of this kind possibly in the world, and invited them to visit ReSPA’s website and familiarise themselves with the study.  After the conference, ReSPA Working Group members had their internal meeting, which was also attended by several high officials from Estonia and ReSPA members.