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05 07.17.

Workshop on Managerial Accountability and Risk Management, 28 – 29 June 2017, Belgrade, Serbia

The workshop addressed common needs identified by the Heads of CHUs and their collaborates with  particular focus on:

  • Difficulties in practical implementation of managerial accountability and risk management;
  • Preconditions that can support developments of managerial accountability and risk management;
  • Links with other reforms such as Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms and Public Administration Reforms;
  • Training programmes for managers.


With this workshop ReSPA responded on a number of difficulties recognised by heads of CHUs which are related to the practical implementation of PIFC despite the fact that legal framework, manuals, guidelines etc., are in place. This is especially relevant for the practical implementation of managerial accountability, which is not embedded in the administrative culture of public sectors management and the countries are facing difficulties in achieving that.