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25 10.17.

Meeting between DG NEAR, DGBUDG, SIGMA and ReSPA

The meeting realized on 23 October 2017 in Brussels included important discussions on Managerial accountability, Quality Management and ReSPA Quality Management regional center establishment. It gathered the representatives of DG NEAR, DGBUDG, SIGMA and ReSPA.

The basic focus of the discussion was inspired by the Feasibility study (April – September 2017) of the proposed establishment of a regional Quality Management Center in ReSPA. This feasibility study aimed to identify the needs and expectations from the QPAS group via focus group and questionnaire. On the other hand, the study launched a regional wide large-scale questionnaire identifying the state of play (detailed baseline), needs and expectations and potential role of ReSPA. The meeting ended up with the overall conclusions that holistic approach is required, and further consultations are expected to happen throughout all foreseen phases once dealing with the topic in subject.