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11 12.17.

12th Meeting of the Working group on Ethics and Integrity contributed to sharing good practices in domain of detecting conflict of interest and integrity

Participants in the meeting were 31 members of the Ethics and Integrity Working group and Working Groups on Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD), Public Procurement (PP), and Administrative Procedures and Administrative Justice (APAJ), senior officials of the Western Balkans institutions responsible for preventing and combating corruption (heads/deputy heads of anti-corruption agencies, conflict of interest commissions, ministries of justice, etc).


The draft textbook on Integrity Challenges in the Western Balkans was presented on the first day and commented by the members of the Working Groups. The textbook has been developed by the Norwegian Center for Integrity in the Defense Sector (CIDS). At the meeting it was agreed to develop training modules on integrity in different areas that the integrity relates to: HRM, PP, Conflict of Interest, Internal Financial Control, Access of Information of Public Interest, and Administrative procedures. Cooperation of CIDS and ReSPA will continue in regard to further work on the integrity related activities.

A draft methodology for detecting hidden conflicts of interest was presented on the second day of the meeting, and comments/proposals obtained will be used for its finalisation