The activities of ReSPA
are funded by the EU


10 05.18.

Second phase of the CAF introduction to ReSPA

After initial CAF training, held during January 2018, the two days Self Assessment workshop has been organized on 8-9 May in ReSPA premies.  The workshop  has generated many ideas on Strengths, Improvement areas and Improvement actions of Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA).  

The latter mentioned activity is part of the transformation process of ReSPA in domain of institutionalization of Common Assesment Framework (CAF) as Quality Management instrument. ReSPA designated a team to intensively work on CAF implementation and have engaged all related aspects in the internal discussion (strategic, operational as well as programme, logistical and financial matters). It is believed that in-house experience with CAF will increase the efficient and effective upgrade of ReSPA towards Regional cetre of Excellence for Quality Management.