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30 05.18.

Meeting of ReSPA National Coordinators

Meeting of ReSPA National Coordinators was organized in Trebinje on 24 and 25 May 2018. ReSPA Secretariat highlighted the role of National Coordinators in the implementation of planned activities as well as in the preparation of a Final report for EC Grant.

Specific attention on the agenda was devoted to discussion on experience in collecting of reports on the implementation of recommendations defined in ReSPA baseline studies and regionally comparative studies. Having in mind new conclusion on Governing Board related to reports on the interconnection between the recommendations in the ReSPA studies and In-country support mechanism, the discussion of the future role of National Coordinators in this area was also raised. 

National Coordinators provided their opinions and suggestions on the ongoing process of development of new ReSPA strategy 2019-2024. At the also the first experiences with a system of online applications of participants in ReSPA activities were exchanged.