The activities of ReSPA
are funded by the EU


14 09.18.

ReSPA participated at CEF Partner's meeting

Director of ReSPA, Ms Ratka Sekulovic, and Programme manager- Coordinator, Mr. Dragan Djuric, participated at Centre of Excellence (CEF) Partner's meeting held in Ljubljana on 3-4 September.


The intention of the meeting was to identify complementarities in objectives, priorities and activities of the partners and the activities of the CEF in the region of SEE. The presentation of the CEF learning program and envisaged activities by individual thematic areas of budget preparation and executionaccounting, auditingtax policy and administrationcentral bankingdata and analysis for designing policies and leadership for managing reforms was a basis for further detailed thematic group discussions with partners.

ReSPA and CEF signed Memorandum of Understanding on 11th April 2018.