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22 11.18.

9th ReSPA Governing Board Meeting at Ministerial level

Brussels, 21 November 2018 - The ReSPA Governing Board at Ministerial level adopted Annual report for 2018, and new ReSPA Strategy 2019-2024. At the conclusion of the meeting, the 2018 Governing Board Chair Mr. Josip Grubeša, Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, handed-over chairmanship and presented the ReSPA flag to Mr. Damjan Mančevski, Minister of Information Society and Administration of Macedonia and Chair of the ReSPA Governing Board at Ministerial level in 2019.

“The role of ReSPA lies within facilitating and strengthening Western Balkans regional cooperation in order to achieve high quality public services for citizens and businesses. Our main moto will be digitalisation of public services, although we fully agree with the other items on the agenda and the strategic plan of ReSPA for the following period. The improvement of the services we provide to the citizens is the key motivation for all of us, and – I am not saying reform, but reorganisation and optimisation of the administration should be of highest priority”, said Mr. Damjan Mančevski, Chair of the ReSPA Governing Board at Ministerial level.