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04 06.19.

ReSPA Panel at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2019

Ottawa, Canada, May 29-31 – “Open Government and Service Delivery: Are We Missing an Opportunity to Act?” was the theme for this year’s OGP Summit prepared by the representatives of the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) jointly with the representatives of North and Latin America, which gathered more than  100 participants participants from all around the globe.

Minister Mancevski opened the panel with the following statement: “I am glad to open this panel session as chairman of Respa for this year. In the last period all the countries in the region separately but mostly together, with support of European Commission and Respa, we did a lot in the terms of digitalization of the region. But there is still more to be done. This events are really important opportunity for us, for sheering the experience, learn from each other, and everything with one goal. To make Western Balkan better place for our citizens. As we enter the 21st century, so are changing expectations on governments’ ability to deliver public value. Rules that were strong yesterday are no longer relevant. This applies to the public administration. The role of ReSPA lies within facilitating and strengthening WB6 regional cooperation in order to achieve high quality public services for citizens and businesses. The core driver for achieving this goal it digitalization, which inevitably changes the way the society functions, more than the way the discovery of electricity did in the past. In this manner, state-of-the-art technologies offer an opportunity to provide more efficient and widely available services.”


Discussions at the ReSPA panel were thematic and issue oriented, reflecting the state of the art in service delivery and digital transformation in the Western Balkans. A critical debate took place on open data, which proved that the sectoral and regional showcases went deeper into the specific concerns of their fields and localities.

The intensive dialogue at the ReSPA event highlighted the potential for using new technology to modernize and improve the work of governments. Moreover, it was confirmed that the opening up of government data makes possible striving for better solutions to public problems and better service delivery. This includes involving innovators from inside and outside governments in collaboration with an aim to create innovative service delivery in Latin America, the USA, the Western Balkans and globally.  It was mentioned that the ReSPA conducted a regional study on service delivery in 2018 that included the use of open data, and it was underlined that most of the Western Balkan governments adopted long-term action plans to open their data. The panel was closed with a message that we need to build and promote open by default culture, and to collaborate in production of common solutions that build on government data for innovative public service delivery. Genuine conclusion of the ReSPA panel as well of the OGP Summit underlined that the year of 2020 will be designated to focused oriented events between the organizations who are being part of the OGP. ReSPA interaction with the representatives of the Latin and North America within its panel set a basis for such a continuation and on Friday 31 May the first meeting of latter mentioned stakeholders and OGP Summit Secretariat was realized and it is expected to make a follow up soon.