The activities of ReSPA
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18 10.19.

ReSPA Programme Committee Meeting

The Programme Committee is composed of the state secretaries and/or senior managers responsible for public administration, state secretaries and/or senior managers responsible for Economic reforms programmes, and national IPA Coordinators or NIPAC office representatives. Also, ReSPA Governing Board members at Senior Officials level are expected to actively participate at Programme Committee meetings.


The overall objective of establishing the Programme Committee is to assist the ReSPA Members to exchange information on achievement and challenges related to PAR, PFM and EUI in their countries respectively. At the first meeting Programme Committee discussed ReSPA Programe of Work 2019-2020, current challenges and achievements in PAR in ReSPA Members, as well as the role of Public administration in the process of EU accession negotiation.

During the meeting, participants effectively exchanged the state of play, targeted goals, priorities, and examples of success stories in the domain of PAR and European Integration process.