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14 11.19.

Ministerial Conference “Digital transformation: reinventing public administration for digital age” was held on 12-13 November 2019 in Skopje, North Macedonia

Two days Ministerial conference “Digital transformation: reinventing public administration for digital age” gathered around 140 participants from the Western Balkans including ministers, senior professionals and the representatives of the international organizations such as EU Commission, OECD, RCC, as well as delegates from the organizations from Austria, Slovenia, the USA and New Zealand.

The overall objective of the ReSPA Ministerial Conference was to discuss and identify lessons learned in the domain of Digital Transformation, Quality Management, Agile Management and Leadership including innovation in Public Administration. The discussion led to the analysis of inspiring cases with the focus on their innovative elements and sustainable patterns.

The Ministerial Round table addressed reflections, comments and commitments of the government representatives to further implementation of digital agenda and cross-border digital cooperation. Among many conclusions few of the most importance for the follow up activities were to find common approach for provision of support for pilot initiatives in subject areas as well as to  embrace digital transformation  of public service by co-creation and co-production with various stakeholders.