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21 10.20.

Seminar on Monitoring and Reporting of Public Policies

On 20 and 21 October ReSPA organised a regional seminar on Monitoring and Reporting of Public Policies. The Seminar served as a forum to highlight the importance of monitoring and reporting during the policy cycle, describe the key elements of a sound monitoring system, and provide practical tips on how drafting meaningful reports. Special interest was shown on the role of indicators during the monitoring process as well as the difference between process-oriented reporting and result oriented reporting. 

During the second day, the SIGMA Toolkit and checklist for evaluating the quality of Reports was introduced, with a special focus to the monitoring of  Public Administration Reform and sector strategies. During the Seminar, the national experiences were also presented by the participants leading to a lively discussion among themselves and the experts. Simultaneously, participants’ proactive approach fruitfully contributed to the activity’s success. They have been given time to discuss, exchange knowledge, and elaborate on successes and common challenges in monitoring and reporting of public policies, identifying good examples and challenges. Due to the interest expressed by the participants, ReSPA is planning to organize, in the coming period, a dedicated seminar on the evaluation of public policies.