The activities of ReSPA
are funded by the EU


10 04.14.

ReSPA is hosting the Final Conference „The Importance of Human Resource Management in Public Administration“, 11 April 2014, Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Human Resources Administration Authority in cooperation with the Association of Municipalities of Montenegro,  and with the support of the projects: AAM project „Support to the Human Resources Administration Authority“ and LOGINTS project „Support to the Implementation of the National Training Strategy for Local Self Government“  funded by the EU, is organizing the final Conference „The Importance of Human Resource Management in Public Administration“ in which activities implemented within project will be presented, with the purpose to contribute to the establishment of standards in the field of Human Resource Management.


The event will start at 10.00 with the guests speakers Jadranka Vojinović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mitja Drobnič, Ambassador, Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro,

Svetlana Vuković, Director of Human Resources Management, Refik Bojadžić, Secretary General of the Association of Municipalities of Montenegro, and Suad Musić, Director of Regional School of Public Administration highlighting the Importance of the Human Resource Management in the EU Integration Processes.

Team leaders and experts involved in the projects will later present the projects findings, results and achievements .  

The event will take place in ReSPA Campus, Danilovgrad, Montenegro, Friday, 11 April 2014.