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26 04.11.

"Management Concepts and Skills for senior civil servants" (March 2011): Interview with Jorida Liko

What were your expectations when applying for the course?

My expectation was to acquire greater knowledge on the management of the different processes of public administration.

To what extent would you say these expectations were met?

Participating in this training was very important to me and I think to all of the other participants as well because we shared lots of experiences from our daily work, and also on the different structures in which we work. 

How has the attendance to the training influenced your work?

The training activity and particularly the various discussions on Management Concept Skills are directly related to my everyday work. The variety of methods used during the course has certainly helped in fulfilling the different processes of my daily work.

How far has the knowledge you acquired during the course been transferable to or useful for your daily work?

As I mentioned before, I really think that attending the training course on Management Concept Skills will help me a lot in my daily work, and also in the collaboration with my colleagues in the office. I hope such training on the public administration will be organised more in the future to support the role and the level of the public administration in the region.

Have you kept in contact with the other participants? 

Yes, I have of course kept in contact with other colleagues not only from Montenegro, but also from other countries in the region too.

Do you have any other comments or feedback regarding the course?