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07 07.09.

Seminar: The Impact of EU Policies on Domestic Policies

This 3-day seminar was attended by civil servants from the Ministries of Trade and Justice and agencies dealing with registration and control of intellectual property rights as well as national competition authorities of the ReSPA partners. The overall aim was to provide the participants with an understanding of their own national laws, structures and procedures in the field of trade marks and designs in the light of the international and European trade mark and design regime, and in particular practical methods and tools of relevance to their respective roles.

The programme began with an examination of relevant international agreements and European legislation in this area, followed by a Discussion of good practices and lessons to be drawn from the different systems comparison of implementing laws, structures and procedures in the various ReSPA Partners as well as in a Member State of the EU. Finally, the seminar concluded with a discussion of good practices and lessons to be drawn from the different systems.

The seminar was implemented by William Bull, Researcher, EIPA Luxembourg, Miodrag Marković, Attorney at Law and former Assistant Director of Intellectual Property Office of Serbia, and Ian Starr, Solicitor, Registered Trade Mark Agent, Partner Ashurst LLP.

The methodology consisted of a combination of presentations, discussions and case studies based on a comparative approach to the subject, with particular emphasis on participant interventions and multilateral exchanges of information.

As regards the participants’ evaluation of the seminar, both the contents and methodology were highly appreciated and found to be very relevant to their work.