In-country support

"In-country support mechanism" targets the specific demand driven topics defined by ReSPA Members who face different challenges and needs on their paths towards reforming their public administrations. This mechanism assists each ReSPA Member in terms of engagement of necessary expertise for addressing the identified specific needs in the field of PAR. The mechanism is compliant with the biannual ReSPA Programme of Work (currently 2021-2022). It may address, among others, operational conclusions from the PAR Special Group meetings, or the deficiencies identified in the action documents for the implementation of PAR strategies and recommendations from ReSPA's policy documents.

Application Process

Each ReSPA Member has an opportunity to swiftly address a specific need(s) and make a direct impact by requesting specific expertise in the identified field. The application/request shall be submitted to ReSPA by a relevant public institution of the ReSPA Member with prior endorsement by its ReSPA Governing Board member.
The requested activities are to be organised solely in the ReSPA Member that required the assistance, and not at the ReSPA premises. The ReSPA Liaison Officers have an active involvement in the organisation of the requested assistance/support.

Criteria and Conditions

The entire process is managed and coordinated by ReSPA.

  • Each ReSPA Member shall provide a detailed description of the proposed activity(-ies) during the submission of the request for assistance to ReSPA, using the specific Application form;
  • The "In-country support mechanism" is financed by the European Commission (EC);
  • The identified needs have to fall within the domains of the ReSPA Programme of Work 2021-2022.;
  • The financial resources - per ReSPA Member are available for approx. 60 expert days yearly;
  • Each Applicant should recommend and/or propose up to three experts who may be involved in the expertise required. ReSPA will organise the process of selection of the expert, based on its rules and procedures, and will then make the final selection, approval and appointment.
  • All the requests, before their final approval by ReSPA, shall be forwarded to the EC. The EC reserves the right to comment prior to the final approval or reject any of the submitted requests in a silent approval procedure;
  • Each of the ReSPA Members commits to use the assistance most rationally and reasonably.
Submission of the Request for Assistance
  • Each ReSPA Member may submit the request for assistance using the respective Application form. All applications are submitted to ReSPA after the prior confirmation of the relevant Governing Board member;
  • Applications must be submitted in English to the indicated e-mail address by ReSPA;
  • The received applications will be examined by the ReSPA and EC;
  • Comments and/or suggestions made by ReSPA and/or EC in the application process shall be taken into consideration by the applicants to approve the assistance required.

Other Implementation Conditions

  • ReSPA is responsible for follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of the supported activity;
  • ReSPA may participate in the activity during its implementation;
  • After the finalisation of the envisaged activities through the "In-country support mechanism", the selected expert will provide a written report on the implemented activity to the ReSPA Secretariat.
  • After the finalisation of the "In-country support mechanism", the applicant will provide a written report on the results and qulity of the implemented activities to the ReSPA Secretariat.
Further information

For further information or questions, please contact

ReSPA strongly advises all applicants of the In-Country support mechanism to obtain the pre-approval by the Delegation of European Union, before starting with the application procedure with the ReSPA Secretariat.

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